Seeing Music


Landscapes - like music - have their melodic lines, their harmonies of tone and colour, and their rhythms of wind and water. My images focus on these lines and tonalities within the frame: the way a beam of light intersects storm clouds, the interplay of water's movement with a tree's fingers, the myriad ways in which landscapes speak or sing their themes.

The reason I naturally look for these things is that my artistic training is not in photography but in music - I studied from a young age at the Royal Academy of Music in London and score music for films by National Geographic, PBS, BBC and other broadcasters. Everything I have learned about composing music is visible in the composition of these frames.

Nature is not only beautiful but intelligently alive. Conveying this aliveness is the real art of landscape photography and I find that the only way to do this is through careful composition - ensuring that the elements within a frame all relate to each other just as they do in a nocturne or a symphony.

I hope you enjoy 'hearing' these visual works, whether for a few seconds online or - if you purchase one - for many years as a beautiful print in your own space.