Welcome! June 10, 2015 15:07

Welcome to my new online photography home. Here's where you'll find a lot of my best work collected together and also the opportunity to buy fine art prints.

10% of sales go to West Kootenay Eco Society, which protects natural environments around the Nelson area.

I've just returned from the BC coast and a photography session at Bridal Veil Falls near Hope. In June the afternoon sun falls through the forest and directly onto the falls, creating an otherworldly striped glow in the waters - it's a breathtaking sight to behold.

The image below involved a lot of wading, splashing and slipping in order to align the elements in the scene into a vertical 'story' of the falling water. It's not the easiest ground right beneath the falls, but sometimes the best angles involve the most tangles!

Hope you enjoy...